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Structural characterization and antitumor and mitogenic activity of a lectin from the gill of bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis)

Yao, Dongrui, Pan, Saikun, Zhou, Mingqian
Fish physiology and biochemistry 2012 v.38 no.6 pp. 1815-1824
Aristichthys nobilis, circular dichroism spectroscopy, gills, glycoproteins, human cell lines, infrared spectroscopy, mice, splenocytes
In this study, we investigated the gross structure, secondary structure, and antitumor and mitogenic activity of GANL, a lectin from the gill of bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis). We used infrared spectroscopy, β-elimination, and circular dichroism spectroscopy to determine the structure of GANL. We measured antiproliferation activity against six human tumor cell lines and mitogenic activity against murine splenocytes using the MTT assay. Based on infrared spectroscopy and β-elimination, we conclude that GANL is a glycoprotein. The protein and carbohydrate moieties are joined by O-glycosidic linkage. A circular dichroism spectroscopic analysis revealed that the secondary structure of GANL consists of α-helices (34.8 %), β-sheets (12.1 %), β-turns (24.5 %), and unordered structures (33.0 %). GANL exerted potent antitumor activity against the HeLa cell line (IC₅₀ = 11.86 μg/mL) and a mitogenic effect on murine splenocytes in the MTT assay. GANL, a lectin that is isolated from the gills of bighead carp, is a glycoprotein with potent antitumor and mitogenic activity.