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Sporotomaculum syntrophicum sp. nov., a novel anaerobic, syntrophic benzoate-degrading bacterium isolated from methanogenic sludge treating wastewater from terephthalate manufacturing

Qiu, Yan-Ling, Sekiguchi, Yuji, Imachi, Hiroyuki, Kamagata, Yoichi, Tseng, I-Cheng, Cheng, Sheng-Shung, Ohashi, Akiyoshi, Harada, Hideki
Archives of microbiology 2003 v.179 no.4 pp. 242-249
Gram-positive bacteria, Sporotomaculum, acetates, butyrates, carbon dioxide, coculture, fatty acids, iron, manufacturing, methane, methanogens, new species, nitrates, nucleotide sequences, pH, ribosomal DNA, sequence analysis, sludge, spores, sulfates, temperature, thiosulfates, wastewater
An anaerobic, mesophilic, syntrophic benzoate-degrading bacterium, designated strain FBᵀ, was isolated from methanogenic sludge which had been used to treat wastewater from the manufacture of terephthalic acid. Cells were non-motile gram-positive rods that formed spores. The optimum temperature for growth was 35–40 °C, and the optimum pH was 7.0–7.2. A co-culture with the hydrogenotrophic methanogen Methanospirillum hungatei converted benzoate to acetate, carbon dioxide, and methane. Butyrate transiently accumulated at a high concentration of 2.5 mM during degradation. Besides benzoate, no other compound tested supported growth of the co-culture. Crotonate supported growth of strain FBᵀ in pure culture. Furthermore, the strain degraded benzoate in pure culture with crotonate as co-substrate to produce acetate and butyrate. The strain was not able to utilize sulfate, sulfite, thiosulfate, nitrate, fumarate, or Fe(III) as electron acceptor. The G+C content of the DNA was 46.8 mol%. Strain FBᵀ contained MK-7 as the major quinone and C₁₆:₁ as the major fatty acid. 16S rDNA sequence analysis revealed that the strain was a member of the genus Sporotomaculum, even though it exhibited significant differences, such as the capacity for syntrophic growth, to the known member of the genus. Hence, we propose the name Sporotomaculum syntrophicum sp. nov. for strain FBᵀ. The type strain is strain FBᵀ (DSM 14795, JCM 11475).