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Operative photo assimilation associated proteome modulations are critical for iron-dependent cadmium tolerance in Oryza sativa L.

Sebastian, Abin, Prasad, M. N. V.
Protoplasma 2015 v.252 no.5 pp. 1375-1386
Oryza sativa, abiotic stress, cadmium, gene expression regulation, genes, glucose, iron, leaves, metal tolerance, monitoring, nutrient deficiencies, photosynthesis, proteins, proteome, stress tolerance
Iron-dependent Cd tolerance in Oryza sativa L. cv 7029 had been explored. Photo assimilatory process such as photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation found to be functional in the presence of excess Fe during Cd stress. Cd-inducible Fe deficiency demonstrated with upregulation of iron uptake gene families such as OsIRT and OsYSL was attributed as foremost reason for retardation of photo assimilation in the course of Cd treatment. Upholding of photo assimilation during Fe supplement was associated with proteome modulations. Monitoring of proteome responses in leaf and root revealed proteins imperative for alleviation of Cd stress. Specifically, proteins that take part in photosynthesis, glucose metabolism, nitrogen fixation, and abiotic stress tolerance played key role in Fe-dependent Cd detoxification. It is concluded that Fe supply help to operate photo assimilation which enable favorable proteome responses of Cd stress tolerance.