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Anti-diabetic activity of Chiliadenus iphionoides

Gorelick, Jonathan, Kitron, Amir, Pen, Svetlana, Rosenzweig, Tovit, Madar, Zecharia
Journal of ethnopharmacology 2011 v.137 no.3 pp. 1245-1249
Asteraceae, Psammomys obesus, adipocytes, animal models, diabetes mellitus, glucose, glycemic effect, insulin secretion, long term effects, mechanism of action, rats, shrubs, starch, Israel
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Chiliadenus iphionoides (Boiss. & Blanche) Brullo (Asteraceae), a small aromatic shrub found throughout Israel, is used traditionally in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In this study, Chiliadenus iphionoides anti-diabetic activity was characterized using cellular and animal models. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pancreatic β cells, adipocytes, and skeletal myotubes were treated with an ethanolic extract of Chiliadenus iphionoides to study the extract's effects on insulin secretion and glucose uptake. The sand rat (Psammomys obesus) was used to study Chiliadenus iphionoides acute and long term effects in vivo. An oral starch tolerance test was performed as well as a 30 day feeding study. RESULTS: Chiliadenus iphionoides extract increased insulin secretion in β cells as well as glucose uptake in adipocytes and skeletal myotubes. The extract also displayed hypoglycemic activity in the diabetic sand rat. CONCLUSIONS: Chiliadenus iphionoides exhibits considerable anti-diabetic activity, although the mechanism of action remains to be determined.