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Inventory and management planning ensuring sustainability in multiple-use forestry

Bitter, A.W.
Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt 1998 v.117 no.1-6 pp. 224-230
extension education, forest industries, forest inventory, forest management, forest stands, forests, land resources, planning, recreation, Germany
At present, forestry in Germany is undergoing a period of change. Both the ecologically orientated transition of the forests and the extension of services based on the various forest land resources represent new concepts. Subsequently, the main task of forest management planning is to develop methods for the implementation of these concepts using a wide range of inventory, planning and control data. The type-oriented sample inventory presented here is able to provide reliable characteristics of the growing stock in survey units like forest districts or typical site classes as well as area-based information needed for planning and managing in each forest stand. For qualified decisions on the non-timber output of forests, well-founded information about demand and benefit is essential. By means of continuous visitor registration using reflection light barriers and additional questioning, the forest enterprise well obtain data on visitor use and forest-based recreational activities as well as ideas on visitors preferences.