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Persistence behaviour of pretilachlor in puddled paddy fields under subtropical humid climate

Kaur, Paawan, Kaur, Pervinder, Bhullar, M. S.
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2015 v.187 no.8 pp. 524
detection limit, field experimentation, half life, high performance liquid chromatography, humid zones, paddies, paddy soils, pretilachlor, sampling, soil sampling, solid phase extraction
The paper delineates the field trials conducted to investigate the persistence behaviour and dissipation kinetics of pretilachlor in puddled paddy fields under subtropical humid climatic region. Matrix solid phase dispersion (MSPD) method was used for extraction of the pretilachlor from paddy grain and paddy soil samples collected from the experimental field. Pretilachlor residues were quantified using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV/Vis detector at 210 nm. The average recoveries of pretilachlor extracted from matrix ranged from 80.3 to 103.3 % with standard deviation less than 10 % and sensitivity of 0.01 μg g⁻¹. The dissipation rate of pretilachlor in paddy field soil and paddy field water followed first-order kinetics with decrease in pretilachlor residues as a function of time. Faster dissipation of pretilachlor was observed in paddy field water than in paddy field soil with half life of 1.89–2.97 days and 7.52–9.58 days, respectively. At harvest, the residues of pretilachlor in the paddy soil and paddy crop samples were below the detection limit.