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Characterization of the impact properties of three-dimensional glass fabric-reinforced vinyl ester matrix composites

Park, Soo-Jin, Park, Won-Bae, Lee, Jae-Rock
Journal of materials science 2000 v.35 no.24 pp. 6151-6154
combs (social insects), energy, glass
Three-dimensional glass woven fabric-reinforced composites (3-D composites) were fabricated by impregnating vinyl ester resin in a hand lay-up procedure for the honeycomb sandwich structure. Three kinds of 3-D had been investigated in terms of the impact properties as a function of the z-direction fiber length, i.e., 3, 4.5 and 8 mm in core structures. In this work, more precise impact behaviors were studied in the context of differentiating between initiation and propagation energies, and ductility index (DI) along with maximum force and total energy as a useful measure. As a result, the highest impact properties were reached in the case of the specimens with 3 mm length of z-direction fibers, but the lowest DI was observed in the same specimens with 3 mm length of ones, probably due to the effect of buckling. The damage photo analyses after impact tests were also discussed in terms of a hollowing on the front face against the load applied, and a whitening spread in the impact point on the back face of the fabric composites studied.