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Internal strains between grains during creep deformation of an austenitic stainless steel

Chen, B., Hu, J. N., Wang, Y. Q., Kabra, S., Cocks, A. C. F., Smith, D. J., Flewitt, P. E. J.
Journal of materials science 2015 v.50 no.17 pp. 5809-5816
deformation, models, stainless steel, temperature, thermal expansion
Internal strains that develop between grains during creep of an austenitic stainless steel were measured using in situ neutron diffraction. The secondary creep pre-strained test specimens were considered. Measurements were undertaken before, during and post creep deformation at 550 °C. There was no measurable change of internal strains between grains during in situ creep for 4 h at 550 °C. In addition, the effect of increasing/reducing temperatures in a range from 470 to 550 °C on the internal strains was measured and interpreted with respect to contributions from thermal expansion/contraction. No further internal misfit strains between grains were created when specimen crept during the dwell time at 530, 510, 490 and 470 °C. Results are discussed with respect to (i) the general structure of self-consistent models and (ii) the optimised use of neutron sources for creep studies.