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Caraparu virus (group C Orthobunyavirus): sequencing and phylogenetic analysis based on the conserved region 3 of the RNA polymerase gene

de Brito Magalhães, Cintia Lopes, Quinan, Bárbara Resende, Novaes, Renata Franco Vianna, dos Santos, João Rodrigues, Kroon, Erna Geessien, Bonjardim, Cláudio Antônio, Ferreira, Paulo César Peregrino
Virus genes 2007 v.35 no.3 pp. 681-684
Akabane virus, DNA-directed RNA polymerase, amino acid sequences, genes, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, viruses
Here, for the first time, we report the nucleotide sequence of Caraparu virus (CARV) L segment and the analysis of the RNA polymerase region 3 encoded by this segment. The 1,404 bp nucleotide sequence shares the highest identity with Bunyamwera, La Crosse, Oropouche, and Akabane virus sequences. The amino acid sequence was deduced and aligned with sequences from members of the Bunyaviridae family and used for phylogenetic analysis. The CARV clustered in the Orthobunyavirus genus. The premotif A and motifs A–E are present in the region 3 of the Bunyaviridae family, were also conserved in CARV L protein, as well as other conserved regions among Orthobunyavirus genus.