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Distribution of volatile organic compounds in Madrid (Spain)

Pérez-Pastor, Rosa María, García-Alonso, Susana, Cabezas, Alberto José Quejido
Environmental science and pollution research international 1999 v.6 no.3 pp. 141-146
autumn, data collection, hydrocarbons, pollutants, seasonal variation, spring, summer, temperature, traffic, volatile organic compounds, winter, Spain
From November 1995 to October 1996, airborne concentrations of VOCs were measured in the Madrid area to study the organic pollution in general, and the correlation between different pollutants in relation to such parameters as location and season. Mean concentrations for up to 90 compounds were measured at four test sites, including both urban and suburban areas.At the urban sites, maximum concentrations occurred in the autumn and winter, whereas minimum concentrations were reached in summer and spring. Similar changes were obtained for the lesscontaminated site located in the SE of the city, whereas a different pattern was found at the site in the NW of the city due to meteorological aspects. Mean levels of hydrocarbons in Madrid were quite similar to those found in other European cities.Chemometrical techniques were applied to the set of data in order to assess the influence of such factors as traffic, temperature and seasonal variations on the VOC levels.