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Development of non-CO2 emission factors from MSW pyrolysis melting treatment in Korea

Lee, Jeongwoo, Seongmin, Kang, Kim, Seungjin, Kang, Soyoung, Lee, Seehyung, Jeon, Eui-Chan
Environmental earth sciences 2015 v.74 no.5 pp. 4157-4162
emissions factor, gasification, greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gases, melting, methane, municipal solid waste, nitrous oxide, pyrolysis, sampling, waste incineration, Japan, Korean Peninsula
In Korea, few investigations from the waste incineration were conducted on greenhouse gas emitted. This research calculates and compares non-CO₂ concentrations and emission factors for the facilities of an incinerator comprising a pyrolysis melting incineration type (incinerator A) and a stoker incineration type (incinerator B). An analysis was made of daily average concentrations of the samples collected over a 24-h period, and the results show that incinerator A had a CH₄ concentration of about 1.9 ppm and a N₂O concentration of about 1.2 ppm; incinerator B had a CH₄ concentration of about 2.1 ppm and a N₂O concentration of about 4.5 ppm. A pyrolysis melting incineration type showed a similar value to the emission factor derived from a gasification melting furnace suggested by NIR in Japan, and there is about a 5.1 times difference between the pyrolysis melting incineration type and the stoker incineration type used in this study. This implies that, when the same default emission factor is applied without giving consideration to the characteristics of each incinerator, greenhouse gas emissions may be excessively calculated.