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Computational approaches for the classification of seed storage proteins

Radhika, V., Rao, V. Sree Hari
Journal of food science and technology 2015 v.52 no.7 pp. 4246-4255
cultivars, decision support systems, food processing, functional properties, models, nutrient content, nutritive value, plant breeding, protein content, seed quality, seed storage proteins, seeds, storage proteins, support vector machines, transgenic plants
Seed storage proteins comprise a major part of the protein content of the seed and have an important role on the quality of the seed. These storage proteins are important because they determine the total protein content and have an effect on the nutritional quality and functional properties for food processing. Transgenic plants are being used to develop improved lines for incorporation into plant breeding programs and the nutrient composition of seeds is a major target of molecular breeding programs. Hence, classification of these proteins is crucial for the development of superior varieties with improved nutritional quality. In this study we have applied machine learning algorithms for classification of seed storage proteins. We have presented an algorithm based on nearest neighbor approach for classification of seed storage proteins and compared its performance with decision tree J48, multilayer perceptron neural (MLP) network and support vector machine (SVM) libSVM. The model based on our algorithm has been able to give higher classification accuracy in comparison to the other methods.