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Doppler Ultrasonography of Common Carotid Artery and External Jugular Vein in Healthy and Reticulo-Diaphragmatic Hernia Affected Buffaloes

Sangwan, Vandana, Mohindroo, Jitender, Kumar, Ashwani, Mukhopadhyay, Chandra Sekhar, Saini, Narinder Singh
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Section B: biological sciences 2015 v.85 no.3 pp. 859-865
adults, blood flow, buffaloes, carotid arteries, hernia, jugular vein, ultrasonography
The study was aimed to establish normal Doppler blood flow parameters of right common carotid artery and right external jugular vein in 20 clinically healthy non-gravid adult buffaloes. The Doppler blood flow parameters were also studied in ten buffaloes suffering from reticulo-diaphragmatic hernia and the changes in the various blood flow parameters were compared with that of healthy buffaloes. The correlations among various blood flow parameters like the pulsatility index, resistive index, peak systole velocity, end diastole velocity, time average maximum velocity, time averaged mean velocity and volume flow for each vessel and between the vessels were worked out in healthy buffaloes. These parameters, when compared with those recorded in buffaloes suffering from reticulo-diaphragmatic hernia, revealed a significant decrease in peak systole velocity, end diastole velocity, time average maximum velocity and time averaged mean velocity of external jugular vein while the common carotid artery showed a significant decrease in volume flow only. The Doppler values of external jugular vein and common carotid artery for clinically healthy adult buffaloes would serve as a reference range for future studies.