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Waste collection and transport: a comprehensive environmental assessment for Austria

Schwarz, Therese, Rübenbauer, Wolfgang, Kreindl, Gernot
Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft 2015 v.67 no.9-10 pp. 384-390
carbon dioxide, emissions, environmental assessment, environmental impact, global warming potential, life cycle assessment, surveys, waste management, wastes, Austria
In the context of the project “Benchmarking Austria’s Waste Management Sector,” an assessment of Austrian transport systems was prepared. The goal was to estimate the environmental impacts of waste transport in Austria, and to determine how much distance is covered on average in the course of collecting and treating waste. To do so, an expert survey was conducted for the distances and vehicle characteristics involved; additional research involved the use of an online route calculation tool to measure the transport distances between metropolitan regions and nearby treatment facilities. For a waste volume of 17 Mio. t, the total distance was 932 Mio. km and consumption was 203 Mio. liters of diesel. A lifecycle assessment of waste collection and transport in Austria yielded a Global Warming Potential of 148,600 t in equivalent emissions of CO₂.