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A New Species of Conifer-Inhabiting Plant Bug from Virginia Belonging to the Phytocoris junceus Group (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae), with One New Synonym

Henry, Thomas J.
Lifetime of Contributions to Myriapodology and the Natural History of Virginia: A Festschrift in Honor of Richard L. Hoffman's 80th Birthday / edited by Steven M. Roble and Joseph C. Mitchell pp. -
male genitalia, insect morphology, insect taxonomy, biological nomenclature, taxonomic revisions, Phytocoris, new status, new species, Virginia
The plant bug Phytocoris hoffmani is described from specimens collected in Highland County, Virginia. This new species belongs to the Phytocoris junceus group and is most closely related to P. dreisbachi Knight. Photographs of the adult and figures of male genitalia of P. hoffmani are provided to help distinguish it from other species of Phytocoris. In addition, P. dentatus Knight, described from British Columbia, is shown to be a synonym of P. dreisbachi Knight (new synonymy) described from Michigan and later reported from Idaho, Manitoba, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.