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Extraction and application of starch-based coagulants from sago trunk for semi-aerobic landfill leachate treatment

Aziz, Hamidi Abdul, Sobri, Nur Izzati Mohamad
Environmental science and pollution research international 2015 v.22 no.21 pp. 16943-16950
ammonium nitrogen, cadmium, chemical oxygen demand, coagulants, color, decolorization, landfill leachates, landfills, nickel, sago, solids, starch, turbidity, Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the highest starch producers. In this study, sago starch was utilized as a natural coagulant aid to reduce the dosage of aluminum-based coagulant in leachate treatment. The potential of native sago trunk starch (NSTS) and commercial sago starch (CSS) was evaluated as sole coagulant and coagulant aid in the presence of polyaluminum chloride (PACl) in the removal of color, suspended solids (SS), NH₃-N, turbidity, chemical oxygen demand, organic UV₂₅₄, Cd, and Ni. Leachate was sampled from Pulau Burung Landfill Site, one of the semi-aerobic landfills in Malaysia. The optimum dosage for PACl in the presence of NSTS or CSS as coagulant aid was reduced from 3100 to 2000 mg/L. In the presence of 2000 mg/L PACl with 6000 mg/L NSTS and 2000 mg/L PACl with 5000 mg/L CSS, the removal performance for color, SS, and turbidity are 94.7, 99.2, and 98.9 %, respectively. Similar results were obtained with the use of 3100 mg/L PACl alone. Therefore, CSS and NSTS can be used as coagulant aid.