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Food applications of a rice bran oil structured lipid in fried sweet potato chips and an energy bar

Jennings, Brenda H., Shewfelt, Robert L., Akoh, Casimir C.
Journal of food quality 2010 v.33 no.6 pp. 679-692
baking, color, energy, enzymes, fatty acid composition, foods, free fatty acids, frying, octanoic acid, p-anisidine value, potato chips, purchasing, rice bran oil, sensory evaluation, structured lipids, sweet potatoes, temperature, viscosity, willingness to pay
A rice bran oil structured lipid (RBOSL) was synthesized from rice bran oil (RBO) and caprylic acid with Lipozyme RM IM as biocatalyst. Sweet potato chips (SPCs) were fried separately in RBOSL and RBO. Energy bars (EBs) were formulated with RBOSL or RBO. Triangle tests (TT) were conducted for SPCs and EBs to determine the panelists' ability to differentiate between SPCs and EBs prepared with RBO or RBOSL. Willingness to purchase (WTP) sensory analysis was also conducted. Fatty acid content, γ-oryzanol, viscosity, free fatty acid (FFA) and p-anisidine values for RBO and RBOSL were determined before and after frying. SPC color and oil uptake were also determined. TT results for SPCs showed no significant difference in SPCs fried in RBO and RBOSL (P > 0.05). TT results for EBs indicated a significant difference between RBO and RBOSL formulations (P ≤ 0.05). WTP (5-point scale) sensory analyses of SPCs and EBs showed that the most frequent response was probably would buy. Practical Applications: Consumer panels indicated a willingness to purchase both sweet potato chips and energy bars prepared with rice bran oil structured lipid (RBOSL). Improvements in the standardization and preparation procedures and changes in formulation would probably improve acceptability. These consumer panel results showed that products prepared with structured lipids, with improved nutritional or health-promoting properties, may have viable commercial potential in foods. RBOSL that is liquid at room temperature can potentially be used in frying and baking applications.