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Novel Microsatellites for Calibrachoa heterophylla (Solanaceae) Endemic to the South Atlantic Coastal Plain of South America

Silva-Arias, Gustavo Adolfo, Mäder, Geraldo, Bonatto, Sandro L., Freitas, Loreta B.
Applications in plant sciences 2015 v.3 no.7
Calibrachoa, coastal plains, genetic markers, genotyping, indigenous species, loci, microsatellite repeats, population, South America
Premise of the study: Calibrachoa heterophylla (Solanaceae) is a petunia species restricted to the South Atlantic Coastal Plain of South America and presents a recent history of colonization from continental to coastal environments and diversification following the formation of the Coastal Plain during the Quaternary period. Methods and Results: This study reports a suite of 16 microsatellite loci for C. heterophylla. The applicability of these markers was assessed by genotyping 57 individuals from two natural populations. Of the 16 described loci, 12 were found to be polymorphic. Successful cross-amplification tests were obtained using 12 Calibrachoa species. Conclusions: The development of microsatellite markers will be useful to recover the contemporary history of the colonization of the Coastal Plain and to provide information for the conservation of this endemic species.