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Defining and designing plant architectural ideotypes to control epidemics?

Andrivon, D., Giorgetti, C., Baranger, A., Calonnec, A., Cartolaro, P., Faivre, R., Guyader, S., Lauri, P. E., Lescourret, F., Parisi, L., Ney, B., Tivoli, B., Sache, I.
European journal of plant pathology 2013 v.135 no.3 pp. 611-617
cropping systems, crops, disease outbreaks, genotype, ideotypes, pests, plant architecture, plant breeders, simulation models
Ideotypes are a popular concept for plant breeders, who designate as such the ideal combinations of traits in a particular genotype to reach a pre-set production objective within a given socio-economic context. The historical, ‘genetic’ view of ideotypes has been more recently extended to cover the design of plant genotypes for specific cropping systems (the ‘agronomic’ view), or even the ideal combination of parameters, identified from formal or simulation modeling, to a specific agronomic problem (the ‘modelling’ view). These different forms of ideotypes in turn lead to different strategies for breeding plants. This paper will briefly describe, analyse and discuss some applications of these ideotype views, using the specific case of architectural traits of plant and crop canopies to limit the epidemic development of pests and diseases in crops. It is not intended to be an exhaustive and objective review of the existing literature on plant ideotypes, but rather to express as an ‘opinion’ paper the views discussed and elaborated among participants to the EpiArch network.