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Perception of Forest Values in the Alpine Community of Trentino Region (Italy)

Paletto, Alessandro, Maino, Federica, De Meo, Isabella, Ferretti, Fabrizio
Environmental management 2013 v.51 no.2 pp. 414-422
decision making, economic valuation, environmental policy, females, forests, low educational status, males, people, questionnaires, society, surveys, Alps region, Italy
Values are generally defined as social facts that orientate individual and collective actions, and consequently influence political, economic and social systems. The evaluation of natural resource values is considered an important instrument to support decision making in environmental policy. The forest is an important renewable resource that provides a mix of social, economic and environmental values for society. The paper presents a survey method to collect and analyse individual preferences relating to three macro-categories of forest values. The survey method was tested in the Trentino region (north-east of the Italian Alps) and will soon be extended to other areas. The results of the questionnaires provided evidence that the forest economic value is perceived as least important, while the environmental values were appreciated the most. Regarding the principle social variables, males tended to give higher scores to all three macro-categories compared to females. Moreover, people with a low education also gave higher scores to all three categories in comparison to the more educated individuals.