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Hydnora abyssinica: Ethnobotanical evidence for its occurrence in southern Mozambique

V.L. Williams, M.P. Falcão, E.M. Wojtasik
South African journal of botany 2011 v.77 no.2 pp. 474-478
flowering, markets, rhizomes, trade, traditional medicine, Mozambique
Hydnora spp. are rarely collected root holoparasites due to the subterranean nature of the rhizomes and seasonal emergence of the flowers. Results from a recent study in South African traditional medicine markets positively identified Hydnora abyssinica A.Br. rhizomes in trade and indicated that there was a high probability of the species also occurring in southern Mozambique. An ethnobotanical study was thus conducted in two markets in Maputo, and the presence of H. abyssinica at the stalls of traditional medicine sellers is a new record for the species' occurrence in Mozambique. Most of the rhizomes were cited as being harvested in the districts of Boane and Manhica, and further research is required to verify the harvesters' accounts of its distribution.