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Vegetable and animal food sorts found in the gastric content of Sardinian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa meridionalis)

Pinna, W., Nieddu, G., Moniello, G., Cappai, M.G.
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 2007 v.91 no.5-6 pp. 252-255
Agriotes lineatus, Allium, Apodemus sylvaticus, Arbutus unedo, Arisarum, Avena fatua, Avena sativa, Castanea sativa, Ceratonia siliqua, Cichorium intybus, Crematogaster, Forficula auricularia, Helix aspersa, Hordeum, Juniperus oxycedrus, Lumbricus terrestris, Myrtus communis, Olea, Pistacia lentiscus, Quercus, Rhamnus, Scolopendra, Sus scrofa, Triticum turgidum subsp. durum, Zea, birds, diet, feathers, foods, hairs, insects, larvae, pH, researchers, sheep, stomach, vegetables, wild boars, Sardinia
Authors report results emerging from gastric content analysis from n. 96 wild boars hunted in Sardinia isle, during the hunting tide (2001-2005), from November to January. Mean pH of the gastric content was 3.77 ± 0.69. Mean total capacity (TC) of each stomach was 1702 ± 680 g. Mean Stuff ratio (CW/TC) between the content weight (CW) and stomachs TC was 0.45. Food categories found in animal stomachs were: 19 categories of vegetal species (Allium spp., Arbutus unedo, Arisarum vulgare, Avena fatua, Avena sativa, Castanea sativa, Ceratonia siliqua, Chamaerops umilis, Cichorium intybus, Hordeum sativum, Juniperus oxycedrus, Myrtus communis, Olea europea, Pirus amygdaliformis, Pistacia lentiscus, Quercus spp., Rhamnus alaternus, Triticum durum, Zea mais); 11 categories of animal species (Agriotes lineatus, Apodemus sylvaticus dicrurus, Chalcides chalcides, Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu, Crematogaster scutellaris, Forficula auricularia, Helix aspersa, Lumbricus terrestris, Ovis aries, Podarcis tiliguerta tiliguerta, Scolopendra cingulata); three categories were identified in general terms (insects larvae, hairs of mammals, feathers of birds). Food categories found in the stomach contents of Sus scrofa meridionalis confirm observations by other researchers who report the prevalence of vegetables in spite of animal food sorts in the wild boar diet in Italian regions.