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All politics is local: the case of Macrocephalon maleo conservation on Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indrawan, Mochamad, Wahid, Nur, Argeloo, Marc, Mile-Doucet, Suryani, Tasirin, John, Koh, Lian Pin, Summers, Marcy, McGowan, Philip J. K.
Biodiversity and conservation 2012 v.21 no.14 pp. 3735-3744
biodiversity, birds, deforestation, government agencies, islands, issues and policy, local government, politics, traditions, Indonesia
The rich biodiversity of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is subject to a high rate of deforestation and other pressures. Its plight is symbolized by the deteriorating conservation status of the maleo, an iconic galliform bird that is both striking in appearance and intimately bound up with local traditions. After a series of international-led projects during the 1980s and early 1990s conservation efforts petered out until recently when there has been an upsurge in local-led concern and action. To capitalize on this a workshop was held in 2010 to share local perceptions, lessons and concerns about the species and these conservation efforts. The workshop was dominated by members of local communities and their elected or traditional representatives, although there was also a wide variety of other stakeholders present, including from national species conservation and local government agencies. Whilst there is a need for more information to underpin the actions necessary to ensure the survival of this species, the overwhelming perception of participants was that continued decentralization of policy making and budgetary responsibility would enhance the conservation efforts for this species (and other elements of biodiversity) considerably. This would allow the upsurge in locally-led conservation activities to be continued and expanded.