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The effect of a SNP in ESR gene on the reproductive performance traits in Polish sows

Terman, A., Kumalska, M.
Russian journal of genetics 2012 v.48 no.12 pp. 1260-1263
Large White, alleles, genotype, landraces, litter size, piglets, reproductive performance, reproductive traits, single nucleotide polymorphism, sows
The aim of the experiment was to detect polymorphism in the ESR gene to determine associations between the genotype and litter size in Polish Large White and Landrace sows. Reproductive traits investigated were: total number of piglets born (TNB), number of piglets born alive (NBA) and number of piglets weaned (TW). The polymorphism in ESR gene was detected using the PCR-RFLP method, with specific primers and the restriction enzyme AvaI. Two different alleles of ESR gene were identified: alleles A (0.71) and B (0.29). The relationship between the ESR genotypes and TBN, NBA and NW were analyzed. The analysis showed in first parity sows statistically significant (P < 0.01) differences between sows carrying different ESR genotypes. The analysis of ESR gene showed that sows with BB genotype had the largest litter size compared to AB and BB sows, but the difference was statistically not significant.