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AGRIlive: Modular Hydroponic Online Supported Gardens for Zero Km Agriculture

Pascale, L., Orsini, F., Gianquinto, G.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1093 pp. 73-82
consumer behavior, environmental impact, farming systems, food production, gardens, greenhouse gas emissions, hydroponics, lifestyle, models, multiple cropping, nutrition, packaging, planting, socioeconomic development, terraces, transportation
AGRIlive is an eco-effective solution for home farming. It originates from the desire to give an answer to all interdisciplinary, international analyses demonstrating the ecological non-sustainability of the current socio-economic development models. It’s a modular, hydroponic platform based on multiple cropping that considers crop’s seasonality and scalar planting (projected to cover the whole year). AGRIlive is thought to activate short-lived interstitial urban void as roofs and terraces, turning them into places for building social relations, promoting zero km food production and therein reducing the big retail channel greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation and packaging. Being a closed-cycle hydroponic system, AGRIlive presents several environmental/healthy advantages. AGRIlive is a social project, a vision; starting point of a global, bottom up way of thinking through the stimulation and solicitation of a great change in consumer behavior toward a new life style focused on care on proper nutrition habits, on a new relationship with nature and on a stronger awareness of environmental impact of food production/consumption.