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An improved particle bombardment for the generation of transgenic plants by direct immobilization of relleasable Tn5 transposases onto gold particles

Wu, Jun, Du, Hongwei, Liao, Xuewei, Zhao, Yu, Li, Liguan, Yang, Liuyan
Plant molecular biology 2011 v.77 no.1-2 pp. 117-127
DNA, biomass, genome, gold, ions, transgenic plants, transposons
We have developed a modified particle bombardment method for plant transgenesis. An intein-tag and a 6×Cys-tag were successively fused to the N-terminus of a hyperactive Tn5 transposase. The modified transposase was immobilized on bare gold microscopic particles via covalent binding of a 6×Cys-tag sulfydryl groups to the gold surface. The tethered transposase can bind the transposon DNA in vitro to form the transposome in the absence of Mg2+ ions. After bombardment of the gold particles carrying the transposomes into the plant cells, the transposomes will be released from the carrier due to the activated self-cleavage function of intein-tag. Our data showed this procedure integrated foreign DNA into the plant genome with an increased transformation frequency as compared to the conventional particle bombardment method. A single copy insertion can also be obtained by decreasing of the assembled transposon DNA amount in relation to plant cell biomass.