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Antioxidative responses to different altitudes in leaves of alpine plant Polygonum viviparum in summer

Wang, Yuping, He, Wenliang, Huang, Huiying, An, Lizhe, Wang, Di, Zhang, Feng
Acta physiologiae plantarum 2009 v.31 no.4 pp. 839-848
Polygonum, alpine plants, altitude, antioxidant activity, catalase, glutathione, glutathione dehydrogenase (ascorbate), glutathione-disulfide reductase, hydrogen peroxide, leaves, mountains, peroxidase, summer, superoxide dismutase
Mountain environmental stresses result in increased formation of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) and accumulation of malondialdehyde (MDA) in leaves of Polygonum viviparum. The activities of several antioxidative system enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD, EC, catalase (CAT, EC, peroxidase (POD, EC, glutathione reductase (GR, EC, dehydroascorbate reductase (DHAR, EC and the contents of several non-enzymatic antioxidants such as reduced form of ascorbate (ASC), dehydroascorbate (DHA), reduced glutathione (GSH), and oxidized glutathione (GSSG) were investigated in leaves of P. viviparum, which were collected from three altitudes (2,200, 3,200, and 3,900 m) of Tianshan Mountain in China. The activities of these four antioxidative enzymes were accompanied by increases of H₂O₂ levels from 2,200 to 3,200 m. However, the activities of CAT and POD were decreased, whereas the activities of SOD and GR continually increased at 3,900 m. Analyses of isoforms of SOD, CAT, POD, and GR showed that the leaves of P. viviparum exposed different altitude conditions are capable of differentially altering the intensity. Additionally, two new isoforms of SOD were detected at 3900 m. A continual increase in the ASC, ASC to DHA ratio, GSH and GSH/[GSH + GSSG] ratio, and the activity of DHAR were observed in leaves of P. viviparum with the elevation of altitude. These results suggest that the higher contents of ASC, GSH as well as an increase in reduced redox state may be essential to antioxidation processes in the leaves of P. viviparum, whereas antioxidant enzymes system is a cofactor in the processes.