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Development of Soil N Testing for Wheat Production using Soil Residual Mineral N

Miransari, M., Mackenzie, A. F.
Journal of plant nutrition 2015 v.38 no.13 pp. 1995-2005
Triticum aestivum, equations, grain yield, nitrate nitrogen, nitrates, soil, soil sampling, statistical analysis, wheat, Quebec
The effects of soil residual nitrate (NO ₃-N) and ammonium (NH ₄-4) on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain yield and N uptake were evaluated in a three-year experiment from 1991 to 1993, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Soil samples were collected at harvest from the depth of 0-30 and 30–60 cm from 20 wheat sites and analyzed in the laboratory for NO ₃-N and NH ₄-N. Wheat yield and N-uptake was also determined. Using statistical analysis system (SAS) and Matlab, data were analyzed and the best-fitted regression equations were plotted. Significant amounts of soil NO ₃-N was found in the soil ranging from 31.6 to 61.6 kg/ha. The amount of soil NH ₄-N varied from 9.2 to 23.3 kg/ha. The statistical effects of model parameters indicated that soil NO ₃-N and soil NH ₄-N significantly influenced wheat yield and N uptake. It may be possible to investigate wheat behavior at harvest using soil residual NO ₃-N and NH ₄-N.