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Allometric equations for aboveground biomass estimation by size class for Pinus brutia Ten. trees growing in North and South Aegean Islands, Greece

Zianis, Dimitris, Xanthopoulos, Gavriil, Kalabokidis, Kostas, Kazakis, George, Ghosn, Dany, Roussou, Olga
European journal of forest research 2011 v.130 no.2 pp. 145-160
Pinus brutia, Pinus halepensis, Pinus nigra, aboveground biomass, bark, branches, carbon, equations, fire behavior, forests, islands, models, stand structure, tree crown, tree trunk, trees, wood density, Aegean Sea, Crete, Greece, North Sea
Empirical allometric equations relating biomass of aboveground components to dendrometric variables for Pinus brutia Ten. trees are derived in this paper. They are based on data collected from Lesvos (North Aegean Sea) and Crete (South Aegean Sea) Islands. Comparisons to published equations for the same species growing in northwestern and southeastern Turkey, for Pinus nigra A. growing in Turkey and Pinus halepensis Mill. found in Western Aegean (island of Evia), are also presented. The biomass of branches from destructively sampled trees (twelve in Crete and six in Lesvos) was divided into four size classes (0–0.63 cm, 0.64–2.5 cm, 2.51–7.61 cm, and 7.62–22.8 cm). Tree crown biomass was calculated as the sum of the biomass in the four classes plus the fraction of stem above crown base. Over bark stem biomass was estimated through bole volume conversion based on wood density. The results showed clearly that, for a given diameter, the Cretan trees had more crown biomass and a higher share of small branches than trees on Lesvos, probably due to differences in environment and stand structure. Comparisons to published diameter versus crown biomass equations reveal a lower crown biomass for Turkish sites of Calabrian pine and Aleppo pine on Evia Island, while only Turkish Black pine seems to be comparable to the Calabrian pine on Crete. The derived allometries can be used for landscape fire behavior modeling, for ecophysiological studies and for the Kyoto protocol requirements of carbon changes in Pinus brutia Ten. forests located in northern and southern Greek sites.