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Association Between Genetic Variants of Akt1 and Endometrial Cancer

Fallah, Soudabeh, Korani, Mohsen, Hajimirza, Milad, Seifi, Morteza
Biochemical genetics 2015 v.53 no.11-12 pp. 281-290
endometrium, gene frequency, genes, genetic variation, genotype, hysterectomy, metastasis, neoplasm cells, patients, polymerase chain reaction, restriction fragment length polymorphism, single nucleotide polymorphism, uterine neoplasms, women
Akt isoforms have critical roles in the cause and regulation of cancer cells invasive, migration, and metastatic dissemination. In the present study, the association between Akt1 polymorphisms and endometrial cancer was investigated in patients with endometrial cancer and controls. Thirty premenopaused patients diagnosed with endometrial cancer and 30 premenopaused women with no clinically documented abnormalities of the endometrium undergoing hysterectomy were included in this study. Genotypes were determined by polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism. There was no significant difference between Akt1 gene polymorphisms of patients (SNP1, SNP2 and SNP3) with endometrial cancer and controls (p > 0.05). Difference between alleles frequency of SNP1, SNP2, SNP3 of patients with endometrial cancer and controls was not significant (p > 0.05). SNPs (rs72715985), (rs2494750), and (rs74090038) of Akt1 gene are not associated with endometrial cancer in Iranian subjects.