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A National Feed Management Education Program Designed to Impact Manure Composition

Harrison, Joe, White, Rebecca, Erickson, Galen, Sutton, Alan, Applegate, Todd, Burns, Robert, Carpenter, Glenn
International Symposium on Air Quality and Waste Management for Agriculture : proceedings of the 16-19 September 2007 conference, Broomfield, Colorado pp. -
Natural Resources Conservation Service, air quality, nutrient management, feeds, water quality, dairy animals, education programs, beef cattle, animal manure management, soil quality, swine, case studies, excretion, poultry
In 2006 the feed management education project was implemented for the species of beef, dairy, poultry and swine. The project is national in scope and funded by the USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant program. The project is designed to encourage adoption of the NRCS Feed Management Conservation Practice Standard 592 and feed management practices that can have a positive impact on soil, water, and air quality. A goal of the project is to assist NRCS staff and agricultural professionals increase their understanding of Feed Management, its impacts on environmental sustainability of livestock and poultry operations, and inclusion of a Feed Management Plan (FMP) as part of a comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP). The Feed Management curriculum is organized in a four-hour format for both technical service providers and nutrition consultants. Information is provided that links the FMP to the CNMP and the requirements for certification to write a feed management plan. Real farm case studies are used to provide training in use of on-farm assessment checklists for assessing the opportunity of a Feed Management Plan to impact whole farm nutrient balance; and, develop and implement a FMP. Electronic decision aid tools include: whole farm balance, manure excretion estimator, and the relative economics of a ration change vs. transporting manure. The manure excretion estimator tool and economics tool are both linked to feed nutrient use. Examples of a FMP template are provided, as well as a completed FMP.