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Efficacy of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) chrysalis oil as a lipid source in adult Wistar rats

Mentang, Feny, Maita, Masashi, Ushio, Hideki, Ohshima, Toshiaki
Food chemistry 2011 v.127 no.3 pp. 899-904
Bombyx mori, alanine, arachidonic acid, blood, blood glucose, cholesterol, fish oils, lipid metabolism, rats, silkworms, soybean oil, urea nitrogen
The effects of silkworm chrysalis oil, rich in n-3 α-linolenic acid (ALA), on lipid metabolism in Wistar rats were investigated. The rats were fed diets containing 7% soybean oil (control), silkworm chrysalis oil (SWO), or fish oil (FO) for 8weeks. Plasma triglyceride and glucose levels were significantly lower in the SWO group after 8weeks compared to the control and FO groups. The total cholesterol and blood urea nitrogen levels were higher in the control group than in the SWO and FO groups at 8weeks post-consumption. However, aspartate amino transferase and alanine amino transferase levels were not significantly different among all groups. A higher arachidonic acid (AA) content was detected in the control group, while lower AA levels were observed with the increase in EPA and DHA in the SWO and FO groups. These results suggest that n-3 α-linolenic acid-rich silkworm chrysalis oil can improve hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycaemia.