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A reference integrated map for cultivated grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) from three crosses, based on 283 SSR and 501 SNP-based markers

Vezzulli, Silvia, Troggio, Michela, Coppola, Giuseppina, Jermakow, Angelica, Cartwright, Dustin, Zharkikh, Andrey, Stefanini, Marco, Grando, M. Stella, Viola, Roberto, Adam-Blondon, Anne-Françoise, Thomas, Mark, This, Patrice, Velasco, Riccardo
Theoretical and applied genetics 2008 v.117 no.4 pp. 499-511
Vitis vinifera, crossing, cultivars, evolution, expressed sequence tags, genome, genotype, linkage groups, loci, microsatellite repeats, parents, single nucleotide polymorphism
We have developed an integrated map from five elite cultivars of Vitis vinifera L.; Syrah, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling which are parents of three segregating populations. A new source of markers, SNPs, identified in ESTs and unique BAC-end sequences was added to the available IGGP reference set of SSRs. The complete integrated map comprises 1,134 markers (350 AFLP®, 332 BESs, 169 ESTs, 283 SSRs) spanning 1,443 cM over 19 linkage groups and shows a mean distance between neighbouring loci of 1.27 cM. Marker order was mainly conserved between the integrated map and the highly dense Syrah x Pinot Noir consensus map except for few inversions. Moreover, the marker order has been validated through the assembled genome sequence of Pinot Noir. We have also assessed the transferability of SNP-based markers among five V. vinifera varieties, enabling marker validation across different genotypes. This integrated map can serve as a fundamental tool for molecular breeding in V. vinifera and related species and provide a basis for studies of genome organization and evolution in grapevines.