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Evaluation of Probiotic Potential of New Bacterial Strain, Lactobacillus spicheri G2 Isolated from Gundruk

Gautam, Neha, Sharma, Nivedita
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Section B: biological sciences 2015 v.85 no.4 pp. 979-986
Lactobacillus, antibiotics, bacteriocins, bile salts, food industry, lactic acid, people, probiotics, salt tolerance, vegetables, India, Nepal
Present research work was sought to categorize a new bacterial isolate named Lactobacillus spicheri G2 as probiotic strain. L. spicheri G2 was isolated from “Gundruk”, which is a non-salted, fermented acidic vegetable product consumed by people of north east region of India and Nepal. The isolate was identified by conventional and molecular techniques and tested for different probiotic attributes. Lactic acid production and auto aggregation capacity of this strain were 1.44 and 53.65 % respectively. Isolate showed some degree of bile salt tolerance, bacteriocin production potential and was found to be sensitive to several antibiotics. Overall, L. spicheri G2 fulfills the criteria of potential probiotics, with a cumulative probiotic potential of 95.83 % and therefore, it could be used by food industries in probiotic preparations.