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Chemistry and biology of industrial crop Tagetes Species: a review

Singh, Priyambada, Krishna, Alok, Kumar, Vinod, Krishna, Swadhinta, Singh, Kuldip, Gupta, Madhuri, Singh, Sohan
The Journal of essential oil research 2016 v.28 no.1 pp. 1-14
Tagetes, agrochemicals, agronomy, bioactive properties, biotechnology, chemical structure, cytogenetics, essential oils, floriculture, food coloring, industrial crops, industry, oils, pharmacology, raw materials, taxonomy, tissue culture
In this review, different research works related to Taxonomy, cytogenetics, tissue culture, Biotechnology, Agronomy, phytochemistry, pharmacology and biological activity as well as its commercial uses of Tagetes species including all the biological and chemical activities mainly T. minuta, T. patula and T. erecta have been compiled. The review also highlights the chemical structures and commercial uses of essential oil and its components of its unique biological activity being used as agrochemical, food and colorants and nutritional supplement and cosmetic industry. This review work also focus on commercial cultivation of T. minuta for its oil and T. patula and T. erecta find floriculture use and also raw material for commercial production of several kinds of compounds.