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Resurrection of the Genera Crophius Stål and Mayana Distant from Synonymy Under Anomaloptera Amyot and Serville, Description of a New Genus, and a Key to the New World Oxycarenid Genera (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Oxycarenidae)

Henry, Thomas J., Dellapé, Pablo M., Scudder, G. G. E.
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 2015 v.117 no.3 pp. 367-380
Hemiptera, Oxycarenidae, new combination, new genus, Mediterranean region
The largely New World genus Crophius Stål, revised status, and Mayana Distant, revised status, are resurrected from synonymy with the genus Anomaloptera Amyot and Serville, which is restricted to contain only the type species, A. helianthemi Amyot and Serville, from the western Mediterranean Region. Mayana, previously also considered a junior synonym of Crophius, is resurrected to contain M. costatus Distant, the type species, M. diruptus Distant, and M. formosus (Van Duzee), new combination, transferred from Crophius. Neocrophius, new genus, is established to accommodate Neocrophius heidemanni (Van Duzee), new combination, the type species, transferred from Crophius, and Neocrophius singularis (Brailovsky and Barrera), new combination, transferred from Anomaloptera. The genera Crophius, Mayana, and Neocrophius are described and diagnosed and dorsal habitus images and a key are provided to help distinguish the nine New World genera.