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Comparison of two methods for field grow of puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris L.) in Slovakia Section B Soil and plant science

Šalamon, Ivan, Gruľová, Daniela, De Feo, Vincenzo
Acta agriculturæ Scandinavica 2016 v.66 no.3 pp. 267-271
Tribulus terrestris, biomass production, direct seeding, greenhouses, sandy soils, saponins, seedlings, testosterone, vines, weeds, Slovakia
One of the most claimed aphrodisiac plant is puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris L.) known as ‘plant Viagra’. This herb, growing especially in South and East Europe, is used for pharmaceutical purposes, due to its content of furostanol saponins which have stimulant effects on natural testosterone levels. Puncture vine grows as a weed on sandy soils areas. A study aimed to the introduction of puncture vine into large cultivation scale was carried out. Two different methods of cultivation were compared and production of biomass and evaluation of the content of furostanol saponins were done. Transplantation of seedlings raised in the greenhouse into the open field was more effective for the production of high amount of biomass and active components than using plants that are directly sown. The transplantation of seedlings into open field is suitable for the puncture vine cultivation as it increases biomass production.