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2015 AMCA Memorial Lecture Honoree: Dr. Richard Floyd Darsie, Jr.1

Day, Jonathan F.
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 2015 v.31 no.4 pp. 392-400
Culicidae, adults, ecology, learning, mosquito control, research projects, scientists, students, taxonomy, teachers, Argentina, Delaware, El Salvador, Florida, Guatemala, Nepal, Pennsylvania, Philippines, South Carolina
Richard Floyd Darsie, Jr. (1915–2014) is the 2015 American Mosquito Control Association Memorial Lecture Honoree. He was one of the greatest mosquito taxonomists of the 20th century and died peacefully on April 10, 2014, in Grove City, PA, at the age of 99 after a professional career that spanned eight decades. Dick’s broad areas of interest and training made him a versatile scientist, teacher, and researcher. His intense interest in adult and immature mosquito morphology and taxonomy, as well as mosquito distribution and bionomics, started early in his career at two early academic postings: Franklin and Marshall College (1949–54) and the University of Delaware (1954–62). Dick would take his mosquito interests with him to postings and research projects around the world: Nepal, the Philippines, Atlanta, El Salvador, Guatemala, Fort Collins, South Carolina, Argentina, and Florida. His travels and studies would make him an international expert on mosquito taxonomy. Dick’s legacy lives on in the hundreds of students from across the globe who learned mosquito identification skills from this world-renowned mosquito taxonomist. All will proudly profess that, “I learned mosquito identification from Dr. Darsie.” And that is all that is needed to prove one’s credentials in the field, learning the art from the best there is.