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Relationship of polymeric proteins with pasting, gel dynamic- and dough empirical-rheology in different Indian wheat varieties

Singh, Sandeep, Singh, Narpinder, MacRitchie, Finlay
Food hydrocolloids 2011 v.25 no.1 pp. 19-24
amylose, dough, equations, flour, gelation, gels, gliadin, glutenins, pastes, pasting properties, protein content, viscoelasticity, wheat
The protein characteristics of flours from fifteen Indian wheat varieties were studied and related to pasting, gel viscoelasticity and dough properties. The analysis of polymeric proteins showed glutenins, gliadin and glutenin to gliadin ratio ranged between 28.14 and 40.44%, 45.33 and 55.83% and 0.50 and 0.89, respectively. Paste breakdown was low in flours with higher protein content. Viscoelastic properties of flour gels from different varieties showed significant variation and were dependent more on protein than amylose content. The gelation behavior of cooked pastes measured during cooling and holding at 10 °C was explained by an equation. Dynamic moduli of gels were positively correlated with total protein content and negatively correlated to the percentage of unextractable polymeric protein (UPP). Dough strength was positively related to UPP and glutenin content.