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Use of rice husk to enhance peach tree performance in soils with limiting physical properties

Lordan, J., Pascual, M., Fonseca, F., Villar, J.M., Rufat, J.
Soil & tillage research 2013 v.129 pp. 19-22
aeration, canopy, crops, hydraulic conductivity, irrigation, orchards, peaches, planting, porosity, rice hulls, rice soils, soil amendments, trees, water treatment
This study evaluated the use of rice husk as an amendment in a soil with limiting physical conditions. The research was conducted in a commercial peach orchard planted in 2011 using a ridge planting system. Six soil and water management treatments were evaluated in 18 experimental units, which were set up in the field using a randomized complete block design. The treatments were compared both in terms of soil physical condition effects and crop response. Localized substrate amendment of the soil significantly increased both saturated hydraulic conductivity and aeration porosity by 90-fold and 76%, respectively, compared with unamended treatments. In the case of growth parameters, amended trees presented the highest overall values without affecting crop water status. In terms of canopy ratio (CR), the amended treatment produced the highest overall value (0.56m2m−3), a 44% increase compared to control treatment. Localized soil amendment with rice husk contributed to both peach tree performance and residue management.