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Strigolactones affect lateral root formation and root-hair elongation in Arabidopsis

Kapulnik, Yoram, Delaux, Pierre-Marc, Resnick, Natalie, Mayzlish-Gati, Einav, Wininger, Smadar, Bhattacharya, Chaitali, Séjalon-Delmas, Nathalie, Combier, Jean-Philippe, Bécard, Guillaume, Belausov, Eduard, Beeckman, Tom, Dor, Evgenia, Hershenhorn, Joseph, Koltai, Hinanit
Planta 2011 v.233 no.1 pp. 209-216
Arabidopsis, branching, mutants, plant hormones, roots, shoots
Strigolactones (SLs) have been proposed as a new group of plant hormones, inhibiting shoot branching, and as signaling molecules for plant interactions. Here, we present evidence for effects of SLs on root development. The analysis of mutants flawed in SLs synthesis or signaling suggested that the absence of SLs enhances lateral root formation. In accordance, roots grown in the presence of GR24, a synthetic bioactive SL, showed reduced number of lateral roots in WT and in max3-11 and max4-1 mutants, deficient in SL synthesis. The GR24-induced reduction in lateral roots was not apparent in the SL signaling mutant max2-1. Moreover, GR24 led to increased root-hair length in WT and in max3-11 and max4-1 mutants, but not in max2-1. SLs effect on lateral root formation and root-hair elongation may suggest a role for SLs in the regulation of root development; perhaps, as a response to growth conditions.