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Cosavirus (family Picornaviridae) in pigs in Thailand and Japan

Okitsu, Shoko, Khamrin, Pattara, Hanaoka, Nozomu, Thongprachum, Aksara, Takanashi, Sayaka, Fujimoto, Tsuguto, Mizuguchi, Masashi, Shimizu, Hiroyuki, Hayakawa, Satoshi, Maneekarn, Niwat, Ushijima, Hiroshi
Archives of virology 2016 v.161 no.1 pp. 159-163
Picornaviridae, diarrhea, feces, genetic variation, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, piglets, sequence analysis, viruses, Japan, Thailand
Cosavirus is a recently established genus in the family Picornaviridae. The present study investigated the prevalence and genetic diversity of cosaviruses in stool samples collected from piglets and pigs with and without diarrhea in Thailand and Japan. It was observed that the cosavirus-positive rate in Thailand was higher than in Japan (55.4 % vs. 18.9 %). Phylogenetic analysis of a portion of the 5’ untranslated region showed that porcine cosavirus strains clustered together in the same branch with members of the species Cosavirus A. These strains showed 97.0 to 100 % nucleotide sequence identity to each other. The virus concentration of cosavirus was very low compared with that detected in a infant with diarrhea. These results demonstrated that cosaviruses were circulating in the swine populations of both countries during the study term; however, it remains unclear whether the virus causes diarrhea in piglets and pigs.