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Chemical and Sensory Quality Preservation in Coated Almonds with the Addition of Antioxidants

Larrauri, Mariana, Demaría, María Gimena, Ryan, Liliana C., Asensio, Claudia M., Grosso, Nelson R., Nepote, Valeria
Journal of food science 2016 v.81 no.1 pp. S208
almonds, antioxidants, butylated hydroxytoluene, carboxymethylcellulose, cardboard, coatings, fatty acid composition, heart diseases, lipid peroxidation, nutrients, oils, oxidation, peanuts, peroxide value, proximate composition, rancidity, sensory properties, volatile compounds
Almonds provide many benefits such as preventing heart disease due to their high content of oleic fatty acid‐rich oil and other important nutrients. However, they are susceptible to oxidation reactions causing rancidity during storage. The objective of this work was to evaluate the chemical and sensory quality preservation of almonds coated with carboxymethyl cellulose and with the addition of natural and synthetic antioxidants during storage. Four samples were prepared: almonds without coating (C), almonds coated with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), almonds coated with CMC supplemented with peanut skins extract (E), and almonds coated with CMC and supplemented with butylhydroxytoluene (BHT). Proximate composition and fatty acid profile were determined on raw almonds. Almond samples (C, CMC, E and BHT) were stored at 40 °C for 126 d. Lipid oxidation indicators: peroxide value (PV), conjugated dienes (CD), volatile compounds (hexanal and nonanal), and sensory attributes were determined for the stored samples. Samples showed small but significant increases in PV, CD, hexanal and nonanal contents, and intensity ratings of negative sensory attributes (oxidized and cardboard). C had the highest tendency to deterioration during storage. At the end of storage (126 d), C had the highest PV (3.90 meqO₂/kg), and BHT had the lowest PV (2.00 meqO₂/kg). CMC and E samples had similar intermediate PV values (2.69 and 2.57 meqO₂/kg, respectively). CMC coating and the addition of natural (peanut skin extract) and synthetic (BHT) antioxidants provide protection to the roasted almond product.