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Consumers’ Attitude Towards Fish Meat

Conte, Francesca, Passantino, Annamaria, Longo, Sabrina, Voslářová, Eva
Italian journal of food safety 2014 v.3 no.3
animal welfare, aquaculture systems, consumer attitudes, consumer information, farmed fish, fish meat, food quality, new products, wild fish
The overall aim of this paper is to show the factors that may affect consumers’ attitude towards farmed fish products. Consumers ask new products on the basis of different quality attributes: stability, safety, composition, better health effects, environment protection, etc. Different and controversial opinions on farmed and wild fish are also explored by literature review. The authors pay attention also to fish welfare as an emerging issue and effective information about fish products as a factor exerting a positive influence on consumers’ decision of purchase. Some relevant legislative notes on the paper’s topics are also cited. The qualitative aspects of aquaculture fish and the consumers’ demand and choice need further studies, according to some factors, such as the changing consumers’ attitudes towards fish products, the different fish quality perception and the development in the aquaculture systems.