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Effect of flaxseed supplementation of dairy cows' forage on physicochemical characteristic of milk and Raclette cheese

Bocquel, Dimitri, Marquis, Raphaël, Dromard, Michel, Salamin, Paul‐André, Rey‐Siggen, Janine, Héritier, Julien, Kosińska‐Cagnazzo, Agnieszka, Andlauer, Wilfried
International journal of dairy technology 2016 v.69 no.1 pp. 129-136
cheeses, chemical composition, dairy cows, diet, forage, hardness, lactation stage, linseed, milk, milk fatty acids, physicochemical properties, risk, saturated fatty acids, sensory evaluation, sensory properties
The composition of bovine milk depends on breed, lactation stage, age of cows and dietary factors. The effect of flaxseed supplementation of forage diet on the chemical composition of milk and the physicochemical and sensory characterisation of Raclette cheese were investigated in this study. As a result of diet supplementation, the proportion of saturated fatty acids in milk decreased and the content of α‐linolenic and oleic acids increased. Concerning the cheese samples, the hardness was significantly reduced due to the flaxseed supplementation, which can positively affect the quality of the cheese due to the diminished risk of crack formation. Sensory characteristics of melted Raclette cheese were not affected by the dietary treatments.