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Prevention of retinoic acid‐induced osteoporosis in mice by isoflavone‐enriched soy protein

Yang, Juan, Wu, Nana, Peng, Jie, Yang, Xiaoquan, Guo, Jian, Yin, Shouwei, Wang, Jinmei
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2016 v.96 no.1 pp. 331-338
blood serum, isoflavones, mice, mixing, osteocalcin, osteoporosis, retinoic acid, solubility, soy protein, tibia
BACKGROUND: A novel soy protein aggregate enriched with isoflavones (SPA‐IS), a mixture of soy protein and isoflavones (Mix), isoflavones (IS), and the soy protein were obtained to investigate the preventive effects on osteoporosis induced by retinoic acid in Kunming mice. RESULTS: The serum osteocalcin levels in the Mix and SPA‐IS groups decreased compared with the model group (mice showing retinoic acid‐induced osteoporosis) (P < 0.05). The trabecular analysis results showed an increased preventive effect of the SPA‐IS group over the Mix group, the IS group, and the soy protein group. The results of both left tibial maximum load and the 4th lumbar structural strength differ between the IS and the SPA‐IS groups. CONCLUSION: The SPA‐IS exhibited obvious oestrogenic activities on retinoic acid‐induced osteoporosis in Kunming mice compared to Mix, IS, and soy protein. The results suggest that there is a potential use for SPA‐IS in the treatment of osteoporosis induced by intake of retinoic acid. The improvement of bone indicators might be attributed to the formation of aggregate particles and the improvement of IS solubility.