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Effects of amaranth addition on the pro‐vitamin A content, and physical and antioxidant properties of extruded pro‐vitamin A‐biofortified maize snacks

Beswa, Daniso, Dlamini, Nomusa R, Amonsou, Eric O, Siwela, Muthulisi, Derera, John
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2016 v.96 no.1 pp. 287-294
antioxidant activity, corn, foods, hardness, health promotion, leaves, snacks, vegetables, vitamin A, vitamin A deficiency, Southern Africa
BACKGROUND: Pro‐vitamin A‐biofortified maize snacks with added leafy vegetable may have a potential as nutritious and health‐promoting products, especially in addressing vitamin A deficiency, which is prevalent in developing regions. The objective of the study was to determine the effects of adding amaranth leaf powder on the physical, antioxidant properties and pro‐vitamin A content of extruded pro‐vitamin A‐biofortified maize snacks. Extruded snacks were processed using four pro‐vitamin A‐biofortified maize varieties that were composited with amaranth leaf powder at 0%, 1% and 3% (w/w) substitution levels. RESULTS: At higher amaranth concentration, the expansion ratio of the snacks decreased, while their hardness increased by as much as 93%. The physical quality of the snacks may therefore need improvement. As amaranth was increased, the phenolic content and antioxidant activity of the snacks increased as well as the pro‐vitamin A content. CONCLUSION: Pro‐vitamin A‐biofortified maize with added amaranth has a potential for use in nutritious and healthy extruded snacks. There are limited studies reporting on processing pro‐vitamin A maize with complementary plant foods, which is common with white maize in southern Africa; thus the current study serves as a baseline.