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Comparative study of the structure of chromosome 1R derived from Secale montanum and Secale cereale

Li, Jianjian, Gyawali, Yadav Prasad, Zhou, Ruonan, Stein, Nils, Nasuda, Shuhei, Endo, Takashi R., Miedaner, T.
Plant breeding 2015 v.134 no.6 pp. 675-683
Secale cereale, Secale strictum subsp. strictum, chromosome mapping, chromosomes, cultivars, domestication, genome, rye, wheat
We produced 15 dissection lines of common wheat carrying segments of chromosome 1R of wild rye (Secale montanum) (1Rᵐ) by the gametocidal system. Using the 1Rᵐ dissection lines and previously established 24 dissection lines of chromosome 1R from cultivated rye (Secale cereale cv. ‘Imperial’) (1Rⁱ), we conducted cytological mapping of 97 markers that were amplified in the 1Rⁱ addition line. Sixty‐eight of the 97 markers were amplified in the 1Rᵐ addition line. To reveal what structural differentiation occurred in chromosome 1R during domestication, we compared the cytological map of chromosome 1Rⁱ with that of chromosome 1Rᵐ, and also with the previously published cytological map of chromosome 1R from wheat cultivar ‘Burgas 2’ (1Rᴮ). There was one discrepancy in marker order in the satellite region between chromosomes 1Rⁱ and 1Rᴮ, while there were four discrepancies in marker order between chromosomes 1Rⁱ and 1Rᵐ. These results suggested that during the domestication of rye, some intrachromosomal rearrangements had occurred in chromosome 1R, although this chromosome is regarded as the most stable chromosome in the rye genome.