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Atmospheric circulation patterns influencing variations in organic carbon fluxes in the River Oulujoki, Finland

Marttila, Hannu, Irannezhad, Masoud, Saukkoriipi, Jaakko, Kløve, Bjørn
Water and environment journal 2015 v.29 no.4 pp. 474-481
North Atlantic Oscillation, atmospheric circulation, basins, carbon, climatic factors, lakes, planning, rivers, runoff, watershed hydrology, watersheds, Finland, Russia, Scandinavia
Atmospheric circulation generally influences regional climate variability and thereby controls catchment hydrology and consequently transport of elements in natural riverine systems. This study examined dependencies between total organic carbon (TOC) variability in the River Oulujoki (Finland) during 1963–2011 and prominent atmospheric circulation patterns (ACPs), which manifest natural climatic conditions over Finland and control hydrological processes in the river catchment. North Atlantic Oscillation, Scandinavia, East Atlantic and East Atlantic/West Russia patterns were statistically significant ACPs affecting variations in TOC export at River Oulujoki lower basin area. In the River Oulujoki, TOC export was largely controlled by changes in TOC fluxes generated from tributaries of river and near areas to its main channel. Besides, runoff from Lake Oulujärvi slightly influenced TOC export variability in the River Oulujoki. Understanding such responses of TOC fluxes to ACPs is a useful tool for sustainable water resources planning and management on regional and local scales.