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Influence of the preparation, storage temperature, modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging on shelf-life of sliced, chilled yellow pepper and pre-cooked sweet corn

Sebők, A., Baár, Cs.
Acta alimentaria 2009 v.38 no.2 pp. 161-178
Clostridium botulinum, Listeria monocytogenes, chilling injury, cold storage, corn cobs, microorganisms, off flavors, pepper, peppers, shelf life, spoilage, storage temperature, sweetcorn, vacuum packaging, washing
Sliced peppers can be stored at 4.5 °C without chilling injury. At 8 °C 7 days shelf-life was achieved in active MAP, at 4.5 °C 7 days also in passive MAP. At 8 °C the development of a slight off-flavour was observed from day 7 th in the passive MAP. Washing in chlorinated water was more efficient for the reduction of <i>Listeria monocytogenes</i> than flash washing in warm water, which reduced the spoilage efficiently. The growth of <i>Listeria monocytogenes</i> was limited to the first 3 days of chilled storage at 4.5–8 °C in all samples and a slight decrease was observed up to day 10, indicating the likelihood of a competitive inhibition effect of the spoilage microbiota. In case of storage at 1.5 °C the sensory properties of blanched vacuum packed corn on the cob were acceptable for more than 30 days. The shelf-life is limited by safety considerations, toxin formation of the psychrotrophic <i>Clostridium botulinum</i> due to the higher temperatures in the distribution chain might occur. Efficient pre-cooling delays the spoilage.